Online Data Backup and Recovery

Backup all your data effortlessly.

At Datarang, we own our datacenters. We do not rent space or utilize a third-party out of our control.

Unlike our local and national competitiors we do not simply resell you somebody else's solution.

Datarang has been backing up customer data for 6+ years utilizing the Internet. Quitetly, efficiently, and reliably.


Datarang Databank Features:


Total Protection
Datarang All-in-one is a complete bundle of backup,
recovery and disaster recovery solutions that eliminates
the need for specific products to backup your applications.
Heterogeneous Platform Support
Backup complex heterogeneous environments that
combine virtual and physical environments in a cost
effective manner. 
Agentless Virtual Backup
Agentless backup approach for VMware and Xenserver
eliminates installation complexities and seamlessly
integrates virtualization into your existing backup strategy.
Reduced RPO and RTO
Restore your entire servers instantly within minutes
(not hours), without disrupting your existing business
continuity goals.
 backreplication Intelligent Replication
Our flexible replication feature allows you to choose to
replicate your data either to your offsite facility,
our datacentre, Amazon S3 or all of the above.
End to End Security
Capability to encrypt and protect (with encryption
passwords) sensitive data using AES-256 encryption to
achieve enterprise-grade security. Native disk
Reliable Backups
Reduce backup time and improve your RPOs through
high-performance, efficient and assured application-aware
disk-to-disk backups with built-in verification.
backfilerecovery File Level Recovery-Linux,Windows 
Instantly restore individual files and folders from an image
backup effortlessly in Windows as well as Linux
Clustering Aware
Available multi-node clustering and secure replication over
WAN to off-site location including private or public clouds
like AWS for additional layer of protection.
Bare metal Image backup
Reduce backup time and improve your RPOs through
high-performance, efficient and assured application-aware
disk-to-disk backups with backup verification.
Exchange Server Backup
Provides Group level and Mail Store Level backup with
straight through Restore of Exchange Server backup.
Get reports on Backup & Restore.
Sharepoint Backup
Single web console for managing backups of MS Sharepoint
servers along with other backup items like Active Directory,
MS Exchange, MSSQL etc.
SQL, MySQL and Oracle Server Backup
Datarang's comprehensive approach allows IT managers to
execute their SQl/MySQL backups & restores,
System State backups and a lot more from one familiar interface.
Extensive Application Support
Wide range of support for platforms and applications
including Windows, SharePoint, Active Directory , Exchange,
SQL, Linux, Mac, VMware, and Oracle


PDF  Datarang VMware Backup vs Veeam