Desktops as a Service

 Why Desktops as a Service (Daas)
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives, mobilityand the end of Windows
XP are driving organizations to reevaluate their end user computing
strategies. Virtual desktop (VDI) technology promised to deliver a lot
of things. Unfortunately, it has failed to deliver for many users due to high cost
and complexity. Virtual desktop technology requires a lot of new physical
data center infrastructure and software just to deliver virtual desktops.
Who wants to build more data center infrastructure in today's environment?
Let someone else take care of that. 
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In just a few minutes you can
experience cloud-hosted virtual
What you really need is to deploy Windows desktops and applications as a
With virtual desktops and applications in the cloud, you get all the benefits of desktop virtualization without the
headaches. Even better, you can leave the hardware, software, SLA's and performance worries to the Cloud
Optimal performance is maintained because you're leveraging a global network of data centers. 


 Desktops and apps as a cloud service make desktop virtualization:
  • Higher pefrorming

    Add more memory and computing power on-the-fly  as you require.

  • More flexible

    Anytime, anywhere access. View your desktop on a tablet, PC, MAC or SmartPhone. Need access without a Internet connection? Not a problem with our "In-Sync" technology. 

  • Premium corporate grade anti-virus

    Datarang utilizes Webroot Corporate protection. Combined with our web, SPAM and malware three-tier filtering system, your system is protected .

  • Highly Secure

    Our high speed Cisco System firewalls have you covered. In addition, all data is encrypted on disk.

  •  Less expensive to manage and maintain

    Utilize your existing older PC's. With simple software loaded by CD or USB, that old machine looks and feels like a brand new workstation.