Question 1. What is A Hosted Desktop

A hosted desktop looks, feels and behaves exactly like a regular desktop PC, however, the data and applications that are used are all hosted within our data center, upon a fully redundant high availability network. The desktop can be accessed from anywhere in the world using an internet enabled PC or laptop, or for maximum benefit, a specialized low cost computer known as a thin client can be used.


Question 2. How Does It Work?

A Datarang connection broker is the central hub of your Datarang hosted desktop network. Responsible for managing and pulling together your operating system, user profile and applications, the connection broker builds your desktop then presents it to you across a secure internet connection each time you log on.

Question 3. How Do I Use It?

Logging on to your hosted desktop is as simple as either launching the Datarang Desktop client, or opening a web browser session pointed at our network.  Both will then present you with the ability to enter your username and password, exactly the same as a standard office PC.