Because Fessco Fleet & Marine, Inc. no longer runs their own server, they use less energy, which means they dramatically reduce their bills and reduce their carbon footprint.

Mark Fessler, Owner


We have the advantage of being able to access our desktops from anywhere in the world. Staff can work from home if necessary or when they’re travelling for business or personal. Even when they’re with clients, it’s still like being in the office!

Jennifer Brown, Zak Designs


NASCO is very conscious of the environment, so by working “in the cloud” we use less energy, so our bills are less and we’re doing our bit to reduce our carbon footprint. Our plan is to be virtually paperless, so in that respect DATARANG is a natural progression environmentally because it helps us maintain all our paperless software and systems.

Scott Shelly, IT Director

Every member of staff can now access their desktops wherever they are in the country - and we always know our data is safe and secure.

Berry Bender, Premier Center, FL